麻雀 天極牌 | 1人で1局から楽しめる友達対戦型ゲーム!三麻北抜きも遊べる麻雀ゲームの決定版! 3.2.3 (Unlimited money)

麻雀 天極牌 | 1人で1局から楽しめる友達対戦型ゲーム!三麻北抜きも遊べる麻雀ゲームの決定版! 3.2.3 (Unlimited money)

MOD Game Information of 麻雀 天極牌 | 1人で1局から楽しめる友達対戦型ゲーム!三麻北抜きも遊べる麻雀ゲームの決定版!

App Name 麻雀 天極牌 | 1人で1局から楽しめる友達対戦型ゲーム!三麻北抜きも遊べる麻雀ゲームの決定版!
Package Name jp.co.hangame.s_mahjong
Version 3.2.3
Rating ( 18380 )
Size 87.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Updated 2020-04-22
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Casino, Games

Description of 麻雀 天極牌 | 1人で1局から楽しめる友達対戦型ゲーム!三麻北抜きも遊べる麻雀ゲームの決定版! Moded games download (Unlimited money) for android

Apk Mod version latest for android id: jp.co.hangame.s_mahjong

■麻雀 天極牌 ~誰でもすぐに楽しめる!オンライン麻雀ゲームの決定版~
「麻雀 天極牌(てんごくはい)」は、初心者から上級者まで、一人から麻雀を手軽に楽しめます。「四人麻雀」だけでなく「三人麻雀(三麻)」も!




また「麻雀 天極牌(てんごくはい)」の3人打ち、三人麻雀は「北抜き」ありのルールを採用しています!







■麻雀 天極牌の公式twitterです。

■ Mahjong Tenshoku ~ Anyone can enjoy it soon! Decision version of online mahjong game ~
“Mahjong Celestial Tile (Tango Yaku)” can easily enjoy Mahjong from one person, from beginner to advanced. Not only “Four People Mahjong” but also “Three Mahjong (Sanmi)”!
It is a full-fledged popular mahjong application complete with rule options as well.

■ Comfortable Mahjong with safe assist for beginners!
Just touch the tile and the game progresses! I can play crisply.
Dora tile is easy to see color! Complete support such as score calculation, difficult place!
While playing, you can learn mah-jong rules naturally.
In case
■ Refreshing Mahjong in Sasirma game!
The biggest feature is Sasuma war mode playing once from 3 minutes!
You can enjoy mahjong with crispy for a short wait time etc.
It is an attractive mode with 1: 1 realistic feeling of one station and gorgeous character flower blooming game production.

■ More basic free game
Mahjong games can play any number of times without charge.
All modes can be played free of charge basic.
Changing desk background and tile color is also free.
In case
■ The charm of TENSUKI tile is still there!
▼ Authentic game! Online Battle
You can play four people Mahjong (Dongfeng / Hansoo), Three People Mahjong (Dongfeng / Hanso) with the strongers nationwide.
Moreover, three people of “Mahjong Temp Ultimate Tile (Tango yakui)” are struck, Three mahjong adopts the rule with “Kitaki gakki”!

If you practice! One person & friend battle
It is a mode that you can play free of charge from 1 to 4 people.
“I want to do Himiso with my friends but I do not have all the men …”
In such a case, you can enjoy Mahjong from two people by putting COM.

▼ Feeling with cute avatar UP! Character system
During the game, your character will be displayed.
You can also change the voice. Let’s challenge the game with your favorite settings!

▼ Trend analysis from your own record! Recording system
By mode, you can check the roles that you have ever played and the rate of rework.
Study your trends and aim for even higher heights!
In case
▼ Collection is fun! Title system
The titles that can be obtained by playing are those full of personality such as “Mushroom-like” such as “Ikkitousen”, “Shinigami”, “Loved by Leach”, “Herbivorous system” “Absolute area” “Shout out Hidama at the center of the world” , About 400 kinds or more!

Ranking Ranking! Tournament system
It will be the point of contact for the convention to be held on a regular basis.
Anyone can feel free to participate, so please join us during the tournament!

■ Easy to get started with easy ID creation!
Logging in to the Han game is unnecessary and you can start the game immediately after using the consent.

■ Operating environment
Supported OS: Android 4.2 or later
■ It is the official twitter of Mahjong Tenshoku.
I am tweeting the latest / corrected information. If you do not mind, please follow me.
@ tengokuhai

※ Although there is description about acquisition of position information about access permission of this application, we have not actually acquired it.


チョコットランドSP 7.3.5 (Unlimited money)

チョコットランドSP 7.3.5

Version 7.3.5

Developer cocone fukuoka corp.

Uploaded October 17, 2020 06:55

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